I’m a graphic designer and an exhibition curator residing in Los Angeles, CA. My specialties are: web design, identity and branding, multi-media marketing, UI/UX expertise, stationery and sales aids.

I’m a design director at Brand Culture — a prominent branding agency in West LA, where we specialize in addressing client's long-term business strategies with innovative cross-platform concepts and cutting-edge design solutions.

Following graduation I began my professional career as a graphic designer at a high-ranking design studio in Moscow, Russia. Working with a wide variety of multi-media, e-marketing and enterprise clientele I established myself in fields of commercial advertisement, corporate identity and web design.

To broaden my creative ambitions, I refocused my efforts to an area of book and magazine designs. As a publishing house’s creative director I supervised multiple magazine and book publications and provided design team with strategic leadership and artistic direction.

I have a BA in Graphic Design and Ph.D. in Visual Arts.


I’m a very active participant in the international design community, where I pursue my interests in contemporary poster art and design expos.

For a while now I’ve been involved with an international eco-poster exhibition The 4th Block (Kharkov, Ukraine), where I currently serve as an international curator. I'm also a great friend and supporter of an international graphic design exhibition Golden Bee (Moscow, Russia), where I served as a Selection Committee member on a number of occasions.

In my more recent ventures I launched and/or participated in a variety of art shows and poster exhibitions in the United States, among which are: Eco-Deology: Cause and Effect, (San Jose, CA), The Art of Russian Avant-garde. Rodchenko 120 (Chicago, IL and Indianapolis, IN), AIGA (Re)Design Awards 2011 (Los Angeles, CA) Eco Art: Graphic Design for Change, Rebranding the Russian Avant-garde (Riverside, CA).





Eco-Deology: Cause and Effect was an Evergreen Valley College poster exhibition designed to look deeper into the roots of contemporary eco-centered ideology through the works of international artists and designers. Curator: Olga Severina.




Rebranding the Russian Avant-garde was a Riverside Art Museum poster exhibition inspired by the works of revolutionary Soviet artists, who became the progenitors of the early 20th century Russian Avant-garde movement. Curator: Olga Severina.




Eco Art: Graphic Design for Change was a Riverside Art Museum poster exhibition that featured approximately 100 works by select international artists whose art championed environmental awareness and sustainable living. Curator: Olga Severina, Producer: Paul Dimalanta.



Opening night at the Eco Art: Graphic Design for Change poster exhibit. With AIGA Los Angeles.

Сontact: Posterterritory@gmail.com